Several months ago we decided to make a new horizontal stabilizer and elevators. Our first stabilizer was one of the first structures that Chuck designed and we built. Since that time, Chuck has improved the design of the stabilizer and elevators to make them easier to build, easier to attach to the plane and lighter. I told Chuck that I would be willing to remake the stabilizer and elevators if he could save 15 pounds of weight. He says his new design will do just that. I will hold him to it. This past week we used the hot wire to shape new elevators. Next week will will start glassing them and also will cut out the stabilizer. Also this week, we continued to work on the main landing gear center mounts and Chuck made the forward console panels which will mount between the bottom instrument panel and the firewall.

We also ordered our prop from Catto Propellers this week!! We requested that it be white and blue, so we are now commited to the plane being white with yellow and blue trim.

Making the new elevators:

Attaching a template to the end of the polystyrene foam.

A new elevator emerges from the block of foam after cutting with
the hot wire!

Elevator core ready to be covered with fiberglass skin.