I have been working alone this past weeks since Chuck and Sharon have been on a road trip to Canada. Mainly, I have been making foam and fiberglass parts for the bulkhead (bulkhead51) that supports the coming and the canopy release assembly and also making panels for supporting our seatpans.

Bulkhead 51 Assembly

Here is a drawing of the assembly. 


Here are some pictures of the bulkhead parts as they were being built:

Here is the 1/4″ foam core for the          Foam core on top of two layers of glass.
panels laid out. Next step: adding     
the fiberglass and resin.     

Another picture showing the vacuum      Two layers of glass have been laid on
pump in the foreground.                          top of the foam. Ready to add release
                                                                caul and bleeder (for absorbing the
                                                                excess resin).

The lay-up is complete and vacuum          The cured panel is ready to trim.
turned on.

The panels are cut out.                          Here is the cross bar getting its last
                                                               layer of glass.

Seat Support Panels

Here is a drawing of the seat support assembly. Below the drawing are pictures of the seat support panels being made.

Sanding the rough cut panels                     The panels are getting two layers of glass
to make them 1″ thick.                                laid onto one side.

All panels now have 2 layers of glass on             All 6 panels have been rough-trimmed.
both sides.

Four of the panels have been cut to match the drawings.