We have spent the last couple of weeks putting glass skins on the horizontal stabilizer and attaching the hardware to mount the elevators. I have also been trimming and test fitting the seat supports.

Here is the new stabilizer fully skinned top and bottom with both port and starboard
elevators mounted. A proud Chuck is in the background. While the stabilizer is still large,
it is still a foot or so shorter than the version 1. We also have probably saved 10 or more

Here I am demonstrating the elevator moving up and down. The mounting brackets worked
 great and smooth. They will be easy to inspect too. Next step is to add counter balances to
 the two elevators and trim and seal the outboard ends of the stabilizer and the two

Over the next few days we will fab the front panel for the seat support assembly and, hopefully, begin installing the supports. Also I plan to finish installing all the brackets attaching the center landing gear mount to the center console.

Here is another cool project being built at Livermore Airport. Our friend Walter has been building a scale replica Sikorsky S-38 amphibian. We also contributed some of our time and expertise as well by making the engine nacelles and fuel tanks. 

Almost complete project. The upper wing has been added this week and now final details are being performed in preparation for first flight sometime early next year.

Here is a S38 in flight.