We are now painting the inside of the cockpit! After weeks of preparation using Super Fil filler and lots of sanding, we are finally starting to paint the cockpit interior. I decided to use a epoxy primer undercoat and will follow up with a 50:50 mix of Desert Camo and white Zolatone.

Here are a couple pictures showing the forward cockpit area with primer.

The fuselage is on its side to make it easier to paint. This view is looking down into
the seating area. The seat support area is covered with paper masking as is the canopy
support area.

This view is a pilot’s eye view looking forward.

Next week I will finish painting the area behind the seats with primer and then begin
painting with Zolatone.

Here are a couple of pictures of the cockpit interior showing the Supper Fil filler after it
was applied. The blue stuff is the Super Fil.

Looking at center console and                Looking at starboard side with center
the instrument panel.                              console in the foreground.